Fine Dining To Take Away

Qbox   |   Harborne   |   Birmingham

We are currently closed. We will be reopening on the 10th august

Fine Dining Takeaway

Located on Harborne High Street, Qbox is a gourmet takeaway from chef Dan Sweet.

Drawing on inspiration from both his Italian grandparents and the Michelin starred kitchen in which he worked, Dan creates high-end meals using only the finest ingredients.

The menu is constantly evolving as we strongly believe that it should be dictated by the seasons. We only ever use produce that is at its peak, and constantly strive to utilise the best that this country has to offer.

We do a Sunday roast dinner every week and cook fresh sourdough bread and chocolate cruffins daily. We are also proud to be the only non-restaurant that sells Difference Coffee.

We look forward to welcoming you to Qbox.

Qbox interior

Our Philosophy

Fresh Ingredients, Tasty Meals

Delicious, seasonal food in a box. It’s that simple.

We take the finest ingredients which we can source and treat them with the respect they deserve. Our processes are long, technical, and never rushed. We never cut corners and ensure that every dish is perfect or else we don’t send it out. There is no waste in our kitchen. These are the lessons learnt working in the very best kitchens and the rules that we apply every day.

What People are Saying


Five gold stars

"Takeaway relaxed fine dining"

The mac n cheese from QBox in Harborne is the stuff all Fridays should be made of 👏🏼


"Interesting, complex, subtle and delicious"

We really loved your food. It was interesting, complex, subtle and delicious. It was lovely not to have to decide what to eat and even better to have something that I could never have attempted to cook for myself. The celeriac melted in the moth and the contrast of the crunchiness and taste of the apple with it was great. I loved the crispy kale and mushrooms. The chicken was perfectly cooked.

When you are ready to really go live let us know and we will order some more, and you might want to put something out on the Everything Moseley Facebook page.

I think there really is a market for restaurant food served at home.


"Amazing food"

Thank you for the amazing food can’t wait for you guys to open and sample your full menu.

Onwards and upwards aim for that moon you’re one talented young man in the kitchen once again thanks for the wonderful food.

The Rubbins Family

"Tastiest vegan dish I've had "

I had the vegan option, the bbq celeriac, presentation was like something you get in a fine dining restaurant loved the way you added the crispy kale and celeriac cracker yourself.

I can honestly say this was the tastiest vegan dish I’ve had in the 3 years! The celeriac was cooked to perfection, the vegan sauce added depth to the dish, while the crispy kale and the celeriac cracker added more flavour and textures to the dish! Mmmmmm smoked deep-fried potatoes wild garlic were yummy just the right amount of flavour. The baby gem lettuce I could have eaten 3 of those easily! It went very well with the celeriac!

This is by far and away the best takeaway I’ve ever had it was like fine dining at home! I look forward to the opening and sampling more Qbox food!

Antony McDermott

"100% be recommending"

My chicken box last night was incredible it has to be the tastiest chicken I’ve eaten will 100% be recommending everyone to try this. Can’t wait to order my next lot 🙌🙌

Grace McDermid

"Beautifully put together"

We just wanted to say how much we enjoyed our Qbox meal.

Since October, it has become a real treat for the family to have an alternative to all the other food available, and certainly a much healthier option.

The box, which is beautifully put together, is always opened with much excitement and we love all the separate components which make it such a luxury meal.

The chicken, as usual, was cooked to perfection and everything with it was great.

We look forward to supporting you in this exciting new venture and also trying any additional items that you put on future menus and will be sending your details to all of our friends so they are able to also experience such high-quality food at there homes as we have.

Mr Charles Harris

"Perfectly cooked chicken"

Just letting you know that I very much enjoyed the food I ordered.

The branding and packaging are very clean, presenting a high-quality image, which was well met by the contents. I don’t think I’ve had such perfectly cooked chicken.
Looking forward to you opening for business.

Earl Brannigan

"Exciting food"

More exciting food from an up and coming Brummie chef. Delicious food, well presented. Can’t wait for opening day when we can order and indulge. Good luck Dan!

Carl Perrins

"The most incredible meal"

Last night we had the most incredible meal cooked by Dan from QBox (in Harborne High Street)!

The barbecue chicken breast and confit leg just melted in the mouth, and the accompanying smoked and fried potatoes, baby gem, truffle and crispy mushrooms finished the whole thing off to perfection. We also had a sweet to die for.

A truly memorable meal and I can’t wait till he opens up on the High Street.

Elizabeth Payne